schematic diagram - design of electronic circuit  and electronic board


  • Reduced costs and short delivery times.
  • Personalized service according to your specific needs.
  • Turning needs into specifications.
  • Collaborative design validation.


We are experts in mixed designs. These incorporate microcontrollers, communications, sensors, actuators and energy management steps. We can design rigid, flexible, multi-layered PCB designs along with all kind of components while using high integration density.

Our services can comprise the whole design cycle. Otherwise we offer personalized support depending on your needs, on the following steps:

When needs and requirements are established, we can provide a global design using block diagram including each of the circuit components. Once the diagram is validated, the schematic design is approached considering the project specifications.

A complete design is accomplished. This includes component documentations (values, ranges, available market references, alternatives, etc.) and considerations on the final use and future normative that can have an impact on this phase.

If needed, functional simulations can be carried out. These are done by generating equivalent models so that the client can integrate them in their own designs.

Once schematics are provided or created, the printed circuit can be designed considering the client specifications (shape and dimensions, connectors, thermal specifications, etc.).

The design process takes a holistic approach, considering both the final use of the product and the normative it needs to comply. In order to facilitate product integration 3D models of the product itself and its location are used.

Aspects regarding manufacture are also contemplated. These include welding processes, assembly, mechanization, special finishes (tropicalized, resinated, etc) and additional metallic layers.

This phase results in the incorporation of all necessary documentation (gerber, NCDrill, Pick&Place, etc.) so the client can, if they wish so, take over the production process themselves.

Next to being produced and assembled, the circuit needs to prove it fullfills its purpose. Usually, this step is completed along with the previous one.

We offer a verification service that checks the correct global system functioning, including an AMF analysis, if needed.

Often, the product may require firmware or software in order to operate. Inar Tecnologías can program the source the client provides us, design a firmware in order to evaluate the board. We can even take over on the firmware design ourselves.

In the scenario of large productions, we can also design automated test environments.

Frequently, we can find companies that already have their product developed by third parties or with their own resources. These companies may be wanting to start producing their product in a bigger scale. Industrialization means facing questions such as identifying and estimating costs, sufficient component availability, deadlines and delivery times, regulations…

For those companies in this situation, Inar Tecnologías can offer consulting services in any of those questions.