Computer board with chips at the factory for the production of computer components.


  • Reduced costs and short delivery times
  • Personalized service according to your specific needs
  • Turning needs into specifications
  • Collaborative design validation


At Inar Tecnologías we adapt to your needs, laying out different finish levels:

For those wanting to validate an idea that requires a basic technological tester, with low cost in a short period of time.

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) shows a basic functionality, in simplified environment conditions but enough to materialize a concept, show functionality, validate other technologies, etc. In general, once is used for this purpose, its life cycle is over, and cannot be considered an initial prototype.

For those that know what their product needs to do and require a few units (1 to 10) with functionality and finish similar to the final product. In this case, it isn´t just about testing an idea but to validate a product.

The development of these prototypes implies an important engineering process. The reduced units number can mean manual assembly. Therefore the cost per unit of each prototype can be high, although we are in front of the first version of the product and this step of development can be key in the process. Some simplification can be made regarding finish and component qualities, since the prototype is not destined to be used.

For those that have already validated prototype functionality and desire to carry on with the project. A bigger unit amount is required in order to evaluate the product in a real environment and obtain the required certifications.

In this phase production ranges fluctuate between 10 to 50 units. Starting from the previous prototype, product specifications are completely defined and sealed, although is still possible to incorporate minor modifications. Pre-series products are identical to the final product and have a much lower cost than the prototypes. They are mainly aimed to evaluation in real circumstances and taken over certification tests (it can be assumed they could be damaged depending on the type of test).

For those whose product functionality is validated, which have also been tested and certified and that want to face industrialization to latter merchandise them.

This phase must be fulfilled lastly, after pre-series is accomplished. It comprises activities such as component and stock management, fabrication processes integration, batch delivery planification, etc. In this stage, the main goals are to warrant product quality trying to decrease the minimum production costs.