Since its foundation, the R&D has been an essential part for Inar Tecnologías, been involved in several research projects both European and national scopes. Inar is part of the Spanish Innovative Ecosystem, through the ZINNAE cluster, that is recognized as Innovative Business Association by the Spanish Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo.

This situation has led us to be recognized by the Ministerio de Ciencia and Innovación as Innovative SMEs, granting us the badge that accredits it:

Sello Pyme innovadora

European projects

  • DigiFed

    The basic objective of the project is to establish an innovative know-how, which, with joint efforts, experience and knowledge from relevant stakeholders, will address the challenge of technologically, economically and environmentally efficient approaches, technologies and practices in optimizing vineyard management within the concept of “smart vineyards”. (DigiFed)

  • DIVA

    Inar Agro Ecosystem (InAE) is a support system that helps farmers make decisions regarding the use of irrigation water. Its main goal is to optimize the use of water, improve production and minimize water management related costs.

National projects

  • CoRa

    CoRa aims to have a prototype corrosion measurement sensor capable of determining the corrosion suffered by a metal.

  • Bodegas 4.0.

    BODEGAS 4.0 focuses on the optimization of water usage in the wine production process.


    Development of a sensor for on-line detection and quantification of technical fluids in the same installation and in field reporting data to the cloud. (S-TRAZER)


  • Retos de la industria conectada 4.0

    Retos de la industria conectada 4.0. In collaboration with PRESTO IBERICA, Inar Tecnologias evaluated different approaches for detection of water leaks at home. This work was done thanks to the “Activa Startups” program of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and the EOI.