Bodegas 4.0.

The BODEGAS 4.0 project aims to provide a solution for saving water and preventing spills in wineries, seeking innovative technologies and management tools.

Execution period:
PHASE I: January of 2022 to August of 2022

PHASE II: September of 2022 to May of 2023

Currently the Project Bodegas 4.0 is in its second phase of the execution period.

Work Scope: Digital Technologies Project. Adaptive management and governance.

ZINNAE (coordinador del proyecto)
Bodegas Aragonesas
VELABER Consulting
ACAI Depuración
VITARTIS(Asociación de la Industria Alimentaria de Castilla y León)
Bodegas Grupo YLLERA
Inar Tecnologias

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The proyect is designed to be carried out in three successive phases.

During the first phase, centered around the optimization of processes involving water usage in a winery, 4.0 tools and the LEAN WATER methodology were used to analyze and improve the capabilities of the two participating wineries in terms of optimizing the water cycle and reducing operating and maintenance costs. In addition, the design of a water treatment facility was carried out, based on the combination of biodiscs, nano-membranes and sensor and control systems.

In the second phase, the possibilities for water reuse will be analyzed and the solutions resulting from the work of phase 1 will be tested.


The most important activities to be developed in phase 2 are the following:

– Testing of the biodisc pilot system.

– Pilot of an automated tank washing system.

– Improvement of the water purification system for its reuse, based on the technologies designed in phase 1.

– Application of artificial intelligence for the separation of discharge flows.

Project supported by the October 2021 call for AAEEII support from the Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo, financiada por la Unión Europea – Next Generation EU Expediente nº AEI-010500-2021b-64 (fase 1) y nº AEI-010500-2022b-240 (fase 2).