Project name: CoRA (CoRrosion Analyzer)

Implementation period: June 2023 – April 2024

Field of work: Digital technology. Resilient infrastructures



Inar tecnologías



Project funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism of the Government of Spain and the European Union – Next Generation EU. Call for grants to support “Agrupaciones Empresariales Innovadoras” for the year 2023, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.
File number: AEI-010500-2023-141.


Corrosion is a global problem affecting a wide range of industries and sectors, including construction, manufacturing, energy, transport, food, and infrastructure. It is a spontaneous and thermodynamically favoured process whereby a metal exposed to the environment tends to oxidise. This process occurs more or less rapidly depending on the conditions (temperature, humidity, pollutants) and causes major problems of various kinds (environmental, economic).

Its detection, by measuring the variation of the electrical resistance of a metallic core through an automatic process, in real time and remotely, will represent a major advance in the control of the performance of elements and installations, the improvement of their efficiency and safety and the prevention of environmental accidents.


The main goal of the project is to have a prototype corrosion measurement sensor capable of determining the corrosion suffered by a metal, as well as its variation over time, valid for the maximum type of applications, in order to provide solutions that allow better measurement and characterisation of the process.
The device shall be able to operate autonomously and be equipped with wireless connectivity to upload the data to the cloud where it will be stored and made available for consultation and/or analysis.


The result of the project will be the design of an intelligent sensor prototype, capable of monitoring the corrosion process automatically, in real time and remotely, as well as the associated communications infrastructure and cloud services.