Project acronym: S-TraZer

Full name: On-line Spectrophotometer for Tracer Detection

Execution period: December 2021 to August 2022

Work Scope: Digital technology projects. Industrial research activities.


Carpemar https://carpemar.com/es/

Inar tecnologías https://inartecnologias.es/

ZINNAE https://zinnae.org/


This project has received grant assistance regulated by the support program for Innovative Business Groupings (AEIs) of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. Mechanism for Recovery, Transformation and Resilience.

Project funded by the European Union-Next Generation EU.


Certain types of industrial installations (industrial heating and cooling, air conditioning, energy sector, etc.) require the use of several technical fluids and their corresponding additives. In these facilities it is very useful to be able to identify the presence and concentration of these additives. This process, in general, is not trivial and is usually carried out through different chemical tests in the laboratory of samples taken periodically.

This project aims to develop a sensor that simplifies the detection and quantification process, being also able to perform the measurement in the incorporated installations, in real time and reporting the data to the corresponding application in the cloud, all with the intention of facilitating the monitoring and control of the industrial process.


The aim is to have a sensor that is simple to mount, minimally invasive in an existing installation, easy to use, simple to maintain and with a limited cost, so that it can be easily introduced in the different industrial ecosystems in which its use may be required.

Specific objectives include:

  1. Development of tracers.
  2. Initial characterization of the prototype.
  3. Detection and quantification sensor prototype.


The main purpose is to have a prototype sensor capable of detecting and quantifying a tracer substance contained in a water-based or glycol-based fluid.